Terminal Server Set Up and Access

There are several ways to access Terminal Server at DEB: we recommend the web interface because it's simpler for the user and it automatically balances the user load between each of our terminal servers. You can also create a direct connection to the terminal server of your choosing.

Web Interface for Presentation Manager: This is an elegant way to log on to the Terminal Server using Citrix. A web page presents the user with a choice of applications. The user simply selects the application and the rest is done automatically. The system decides how to distribute the load of users onto various terminal servers. This will help us to insure that load is spread evenly amongst our terminal servers so that one is not overused and caused to perform poorly. A PC still requires the Citrix ICA Client but once this software is installed, it is not necessary for the user to do anything other than connect to http://apps.epi-ucsf.org.

On a Macintosh, it is not necessary to download a client as long as Java is installed. Mac users simply connect to http://apps.epi-ucsf.org using the Safari browser.

Custom ICA Connections: This approach requires the Citrix ICA Client be installed and custom connections configured to specific terminal servers. The majority of existing users have connected using these connections. As of August 19, 2005, we are recommending that users switch to using the "Web Interface".

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