Accessing Email from Terminal Server

You can use Outlook on Terminal Server and it functions exactly like Outlook when you run it locally. When you move email messages from your Inbox into your Saved Mail folders, however, you are moving those messages from their location on the server onto your local hard drive. Therefore, when you view your email remotely from Terminal Server you will not see any mail that is no longer on the server. Saved mail becomes part of what is known as a PST file, and because most users save a large volume of mail over time, these PST files can become quite large. Until we have ample disk space for storing such large files, we cannot store PSTs on the Terminal Server.

Eventually, when we have the disk space, users can move their PSTs up to the M drive. This will enable users to access stored messages from any machine when Outlook is accessed via Terminal Server. If a user leaves Outlook open and running at PSG, then accesses Outlook remotely from Terminal Server, the user will be able to open the Saved Mail from Terminal Server, but will have to restart Outlook once he or she returns to PSG, in order to view the Saved Mail.

How to turn off Auto-Archive on your Terminal Server Outlook (PDF Document)

Working with Email Attachments in Terminal Server (PDF Document)

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