Options for Use

Terminal Server can be used in a number of ways, depending on individual needs. Some possibilities are listed below:

Terminal Server Only: Some people opt to use Terminal Server all the time, so that they never access any local drives. This option affords consistent user interface and file storage, and most suitable for people whose computing needs are limited to Microsoft Office and Outlook.

Use local drive/PC at primary office, and Terminal Server at other locations (including home): This is a good option for people who need to check email from remote locations, but don't necessarily need to access work-related files from other locations.

Combination Use: As people become accustomed to Terminal Server, we expect to see increasing numbers of users opting to access both Terminal Server and local machines from multiple locations. Users can keep a Terminal Server session open throughout the workday while also working from the local machine, thereby maximizing the use of both local and server-based resources. Within this category there are numerous ways to manage files: users can choose to save all files to the server by default, so that they will always be available, or can choose to save any combination of files locally or centrally. This is a personal decision for each user.

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