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Setting Up Access to UCSF Resources (Library publications, etc.)

(1) Since we are off campus and have our own private network, the general UCSF solution is to run VPN. Running VPN in the office could create confusion for users.

(2) Perhaps most importantly, many of our users are Fellows who cannot get VPN accounts from UCSF because they do not have employee IDs. And they are some of our most frequent users of electronic journals.

For these reasons and others, we have had to come up with our own solution. Our solution is to set up a machine with which you can remotely connect. If you use Internet Explorer on that remote desktop it will enable you to connect to library resources as if you were on a campus machine. (This is actually more than what you could have accessed using VPN). All that is needed is Remote Desktop Connection. Remote Desktop Connection is included with the Microsoft OS generally found at Start/Programs/Accessories/Communications/Remote Desktop Connection On a Macintosh, you need to download the software at http://psgweb.ucsf.edu/ts/rdpclient.asp

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